World of Magery

Magery is a fantasy world which is known because of the magic portal which estabilished by Tangar Igroglaz @

Magery universe is full of sorcery and inhabited by various races, dire creatures and monsters. But there are also a lot of peaceful folk who just want to live in calm and prosper. This two ‘worlds’ – magical and common – closely intertwined in Magery and by discovering the Universe you will find that it’s immensely complex, without simple dark and light sides.

Some of the races which inhabit Magery:

Humans of different kinds. There are two powerful empires who opposite each other and also Freelands which ruled by Covent of Mages.

Undead occupy most of the far north. Cursed men by great magical cataclysm, they are also called necry; they dwell on the ancient northeren city which now called Necropolis. This is intelligent race (at least some part of undeads), they even got their own country which has to protect itself from real, brainless undead hordes from Wildlands. They live quite normal life except that they are almost immortal, but they do not multiply in a ‘normal’ way.

Wild undead – non-intelligent undeads who scattered all around north. They are in war with everything, including necry. They multiply by contaminating other creatures, but not only…

Vampires – magical undeads, the minority which lives to the north from Honor Empire around Dread Lake.. A quite reasonable folk actually although most of the races scared of them. Indeed.. They are very powerful, but not too many survived the Last War, which makes them to live quietly in their lands.. 

Elves – dwellers of Faded Forest to the north, close to the borders of Necry Federation; some of elvish folk could be met in Freelands too.

Dwarves are sturdy race who lives in the mountain and hills.

Halflings – tiny race which lives in Middlelands.

Orcs – most of them are nomadic people, although there are sedentary tribes. Huge orc hordes settle to the southern Banlands. They try to get their own piece of fertile lands to live peacefully, but the Empire of Strenght won’t make it happen. 

Goblins – smaller species of orcs.. Small, but they gathered in Great Horde which posses quite a power. Goblins like to sneak around and take what lay on ‘bad’ spot. It’s what people say about this race. Although it’s not always the truth, most of this folk prefer living in the night time, dwelling in a tiny cavern and coming to the earth surface only for fishing.. or fighting. Don’t underestimate these creatures. Despite their size, they are more than capable of destruction.

Troll is a huge piece of walking rock. Their skin is hard to pierce even with a sharp blade. They are mostly scavenging in Empty lands, but also there are plenty of trolls in Middle-lands, they often work as bodyguards protecting caravans.

Yeeks – some call them gnomes or midgets. Tiny and non-strong physically, their wits are quite dodgy to make them avoid war with most of other races.

Merfolk – human-like water-dwelling creatures who live on shores to the north of Big Step coast, but plenty of then dwells on river banks and seashores. 

Barbarians – wildlings from the North who spread across all Magery after undeads have risen in the past Dragon war. Barbarians came to all parts of the land willing to seek a place for their tribes. At first, they came with fire and steel, but nowadays, after they met Magic Council dread they become less aggressive and trying to find a compromise.

Black Dwarf was once far stem of one forgotten dwarven clan. They didn’t like deep cavern, preferring to live at hills. This made them outcast among ‘true’ dwarfs and they made more contacts to other races, that to their mountain kindred. They traded a lot with eastern human caliphates and even with some other outcast races (as they themself become one). Some say that they are not in a war with goblins.. Perhaps it was the reason why they became hated by mountain folk and nowadays their family ties lie forgotten. Their proximity to the daylight surface made them especially suffer from past war among Dragons and Titans, which changed their appearance, making their skin darker.

Half-giant… They are descendants of Titans… And they still got pieces of their power. 

Ogres or swamp trolls – it’s ancient race. Some say that they were the first of troll race. Slick and covered in slime with greenish skin, ogres are not the most pleasant lot which you could meet under the sky. Not all of them are ‘bad’ though, some ‘families’ came to live in the city and..

Forest goblins look like nice little creatures. Indeed, some of them are quite kind and friendly, but some are cruel.. depends on the tribe. They are sneaky and fast, but not quite weak in term of physical strength.

Dark Elves live in the southern parts of the forest behind Roaring Mountains. Some say that they live underground in caves and that’s why they got pale dark skin. It’s not the truth, though they don’t have too much in common with ‘green’ elves who dwell in forests. Dark elves are hermits who take their spot at Roaring Mountains just recently.. just to survive. Not much of this folk left as for a long time they exterminate each other in families dissension.

Werewolves are strange folk who dwells to the east from Golden Forest on the north. Ascetic people, victims of a mysterious curse.. or disease.. They can not hold their passion for wildlife and nature. Some of them become to control it and even consider it’s as a gift. Werewolves could use their huge claws and teeth in a battle to tear their enemies in pieces. 

There are much much more other amazing creatures – giants, dragons, balrogs.. and many others. Welcome to the World of Magery!